Leadership Consultancy

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Two key aspects must be in place for leadership development to work effectively and have a positive impact on the organisation.

  1. The development intervention must be appropriate, culturally aligned and be of high quality.
  2. The organisation must be prepared to nurture its leaders following these interventions so they can deliver change and move the organisation forward. This is about the systems and culture within the company.

It is critical that these two components are factored in to any leadership development programme. There is no 'one size fits all' model. The results of a high quality programme will be better when tailored to suit the organisation, its culture and its leadership style and approach.

AMPW Ltd provides a hands on consultancy and support service aimed at OD and HR professionals to ensure the implementation of leadership development activities and programmes are fit for purpose and align with the organisational culture and ethos.

Examples of the work we can deliver include:

  • Leadership development strategy creation
  • Business case creation for leadership development programmes
  • Assessment to understand leadership styles, behaviour and mental toughness
  • Cultural surveys to get the opinion from employee groups at all levels
  • Design and creation of bespoke leadership development programmes that suit the organisation

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